Thursday 26th July 2018

When a regional table tennis club decided to enter the big league, they needed LED to help them step up. A club that had been founded with the simple goal to encourage physical activity among local young people, now set its sights on the national tournament circuit.

From humble beginnings, starting with only three tables, the WDHA club was open to all ages and skill levels from the town of Wellingborough. Table tennis is renowned for its low impact yet effective cardio-vascular exercise and soon members from five to 80 years old were enjoying this accessible and enjoyable pastime.

As the WDHA club grew to the 20-table club it is today, a rising tide of talent passed through the coaching sessions. Ultimately, the only thing holding the organisation back from hosting more prestigious tournaments and improving its reputation even more, was its facilities. A lighting survey confirmed that the double fluorescent tube fittings in place within the hall were inadequate. The 196 lux produced by the legacy scheme fell short of the 400 lux required for top competition.

Integral LED proposed an improved lighting scheme with an upgrade to lumen output that meets the needs of top-flight table tennis. Importantly, this upgrade met this goal without increasing the running costs or wattage to power the scheme. For this project, the Spacelux High Bay luminaire was specified as the ideal solution. Weighing under 4kg, the unit has proven to be an excellent choice for refits within legacy infrastructure. Producing 20,960lm at 131lm/W, it was calculated that 37 Spacelux units were more than sufficient to meet the light levels and conserve the club’s budget. Additionally, the Spacelux’s wide 110-degree beam angle was key to creating a uniform pool of light across the playing area and to bounce illumination off the walls to cover corners and edges. Lastly, the luminaire’s highly effective diffusion was ideal to suppress any undesirable glare in player vision. 

The response to the new lighting scheme was immediate and extremely favourable. The lighting levels were instantly raised to 800 Lux at table level, doubling the qualifying standard. Players reported better visibility with the ball in play. Most club members and visitors were in awe of the change – a spontaneous WOW! The following season the facility attracted major regional and national events and has earned many compliments from top coaches within the sport.

The new LED lighting has transformed the playing area and has fuelled new ambitions for the club as it takes its place as a venue at a national level. This will provide a platform for our club players to achieve higher skills in Table Tennis and with that our dream of producing a national champion feels a step closer!Hitesh Jethwa, General Secretary, WDHA Table Tennis Club.