1. Select your products using the Product Search in the top menu (you can find the total savings for any of our Lamps, Panels and Downlights). You can go around and cover all the rooms in your house or business.


2. Enter the quantity and hours per day of use.

3. Select Euros if required.


4. Add product to your savings list, amend variables and check out your total money, electricity usage and CO2 savings.


5. You can use the "duplicate" feature to calculate additional quantities of a particular product with different hours per day usage e.g. varying quantities of GU10 spotlights used in the kitchen at 8hrs per day and also in the bathroom at 1hr per day.


6. Tick "Calculate payback" to add buy prices and confirm your payback period - and see how switching to LED lighting makes a great investment and is good for the environment.


7.  Keep and share - you can create a PDF of your Savings List and/or email the results to yourself, a friend or customer.