Let Integral LED help you make the right choice for you or your customers.

With our free Lighting Design service you will receive a detailed and accurate plan for achieving the ideal lighting for your space. 

Each design includes a cost-savings calculation so you will know how much money you could be saving from your energy bills by making the switch to highly efficient Integral LED products.

How many lights?

Integral can calculate the optimal number of LED lamps, downlights, panels, high bays and other luminaires for your project. Don't pay for lighting that you don't need!

The right spec and Lumen output

The Integral LED design team will make sure your space meets industry regulations for lighting levels and glare across the appropriate surface, such as floor, desk and shelving.

The optimal lumen output and advice on colour temperature will also be provided, so your space is lit appropriately for the usage.

Following an intitial telephone survey, our experts will begin working on your free lighting design right away. Please email your lighting design specification briefing to lightingdesign@integral-led.com or call +44(0)208 451 8700