One year ago we released the Evofire, our evolutionary “canless” Fire Rated Downlight. The unique design of the Evofire allowed it to be certified to 30, 60, and 90 minutes fire rating without the need for a bulky can or intumescent material. Since its first installations in ceilings across the country, we have been delighted with feedback from installers and end-users who have been very pleased with the beauty of the product, complementing its 1mm “blend-in” bezel and high quality finish.

The original Evofire downlight is now available in brushed satin nickel and polished chrome finishes, as well as the classic, powder-coated matt white. Also new in the Evofire range;

  • A square bezel for a striking designer look (available in white and satin nickel)
  • A wider 112mm bezel option fitting cut-outs 70mm to 100mm (available in white, satin nickel and chrome)
  • A recessed model that holds the lamp higher in the ceiling, reducing glare and resulting in a gentler light (available in white and satin nickel)

With these new shape and colour options, there is an Evofire for just about any setting. Click here to explore the newly expanded Evofire range today.