The Evofire range has expanded, with attractive new models that offer more aesthetic options.

Here at Integral LED we have been delighted to see the response to our new Evofire Fire Rated Downlight. The ‘canless’ open design has been welcomed with open arms by wholesalers and consumers alike, who love both the aesthetics and the practicality of this UK designed product.

There is one question that we have received quite a few times, however;

What is the best lamp to use with Evofire?

Everybody knows that Fire Rated lighting is important - but it's safe to say that far fewer people know why. Many myths and misunderstandings surround Fire Rating specifications and the products that adhere to them.

Integral LED will challenge the way you think about fire rated downlights
The familiar fire rated downlight, a toolbox essential for electricians and lighting designers, has been re-engineered for the LED age, bringing a bevy of practical and aesthetic benefits.