Integral were very proud to sponsor this year's Bartlett Summer Show, having been chosen by students as preferred supplier of LED Strip.

As one of the most reputable sources of news and reviews for the UK lighting industry, Lux Review are known for their trustworthy, independent product reviews.

The Singapore Garden Festival is a global celebration of stunning garden design where designers from around the world congregate to show their stunning outdoor spaces. 

This year, Integral LED were delighted to contribute towards UK Designer Kate Gould's ambitious entry in the Landscape and Fantasy Garden category.

For those of us who just love colour, the new Touch Remote Controllers for RGBW LED Strip provide simple and intuitive control over four separate "zones".

In one of our more inspiring case studies, one couple achieved their goal of "off-the-grid" living in their stunning self-built eco-house with more than a little help from Integral LED candle lamps and flexible strip. 

The new Integral Plug & Play RGB LED Strip Kit offers everything your customer needs to set up 5 metres of colour changing strip lighting in a convenient retail pack that will look great on store shelves.

For those rooms that demand something special, Integral LED has released our new range of Digital LED Strip.

Integral's new Spotless Strip creates the effect of one seamless beam of light

To give you precise control over the colour of your accent lighting, we have released two new remote control units to be paired with our RGB or RGBW LED strips.

By using the handy colour wheel and the face buttons on the remote you can change the colour and brightness of your strip as well as the speed of your dynamic lighting mode.

Each remote is packaged with an easy-to-install RF receiver.

If you’re looking to install some strip lighting in your home or business but find yourself confused when it comes to pairing the right strip to the right driver, we understand. This is why, for convenience, we have created a range of Strip and Driver kits that give you the right strip and driver in one package.

Our latest kits are available in a range of colour temperatures from Warm White (3000K) to Cool Daylight (6500K) and all offer the light equivalent of 40W for only 6W.