The June issue of A1 Lighting Magazine features informative advice on path lighting as well as a detailed look at the new Pathlux Inground range.

The popular Integral LED Outdoor range has expanded to include a new set of stylish and robust bollard lights.

Our popular Precision Pro range of industrial floodlights has expanded in the most colourful way possible.

The Compact Tough family has expanded with the introduction of our new range of rugged and stylish Wall Pack luminaires.

The Tough Shell+ Circular High Bay is a rugged, attractive and highly efficient solution for lighting large indoor facilities such as warehouses, production facilities and indoor sports halls.

These compact and contemporary luminaires are offered in a wide variety of styles, allowing homeowners to create and customise their ideal outdoor lighting setup.

Our popular Tough Shell range of Bulkhead ceiling and wall lights has expanded to include the new and improved Tough Shell+ models. These attractive and efficient luminaires are extremely rugged, with an IK10 polycarbonate body 

At Integral LED, we want to make sure that any business can switch on to the energy saving benefits of LED lighting. To do this, we realise the importance of releasing products that are built to last in a wide range of environments.

Any IP65 rated lamp or fitting is water, vapour and dust proof. The new Integral LED tri-proof battens are also corrosion proof, as there are no metallic components in the casing of the luminaire. This is Ideal for facilities where steam and moisture are inevitable.

The Integral LED Spacelux High Bay is a major step forward for LED high bay lighting that needs to be seen (or rather held) to be believed. While the tough body of the luminaire carries an impressive IK09 rating it only weighs 3.85kg!

The Spacelux is certainly bright at 20,960 lumens, but the polycarbonate diffuser makes the light surprisingly soft, with low glare. A specially designed driver virtually eliminates flicker. At 160W, the Spacelux runs at a very efficient 131 lm/W.

Integral LED haved introduced a new range of circular bulkheads engineered to provide attractive and practical ceiling and wall lighting that won’t break your budget. At 10-21W, they should be kind to your electricity bill as well!

These IP44 luminaires can be installed in any interior areas including staircases, bathrooms (zone 2) as well as sheltered external areas such as porches. The PMMA diffuser creates a soft light with a subtle halo effect. The range includes Cool White and Warm White options for colour temperature.