The Integral LED is an efficient, low glare and cost-effective panel with a 5-year warranty. An ideal energy saving solution for office and retail areas.

The new Integral LED TPa UGR<19 Advance Panel helps installers to achieve a UGR of less than 19 by utilising skilfully engineered features that minimise light spill, making it easier to control glare in an office or classroom.

Integral LED are delighted to attend at the London Excel this year to show how our market-leading 152lm/W Back-lit LED Panel can provide huge energy savings to any facility. 

"If you want a really low energy panel with good light output, this should be at the top of your list."

The DALI control system is a popular choice for building-wide lighting control, based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface international standard. DALI offers a great deal of lighting automation and monitoring functionality.

Three recent additions to Integral LED’s growing range of panel luminaires are compatible with the DALI control system. This allows them to be dimmed, controlled and monitored through a DALI control scheme, making them ideal for large scale lighting automation setups.

One of the UK’s fastest growing business incubators has recently made the switch to Integral LED in an effort to save on maintenance and energy costs.

The site, which houses more than 80 businesses within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, generated a monthly electricity bill of more than £50,000. After switching to Integral LED panels, electricity consumption in a typical on-site lab dropped from 5040W to 858W. Weekly consumption on site has been reduced by 20,000KWh, saving £86,600 per year.

An Integral LED panel from our High Performance+ range has been awarded 5 Stars in an independent test by LUX magazine, the leading lighting industry publication. At a tested 128 lumens per Watt the Integral panel was rated on average a third more efficient than other LED panels in the test,

Integral LED have launched a breakthrough range of eight LED panels; by using simple design and no-nonsense engineering the LED panels deliver an superior and efficient light output at a highly cost effective price. 

The LED panels are perfect for retro-fitting straight into existing ceiling grids or as part of a refurbishment or new build. The panels are delivered complete with an integrated driver that includes a push-fit connector for rapid installation and maintenance.

The back-lit panels produce an even density of computer-screen friendly light in a wide beam angle, ideal for all applications including offices, schools and retail. The panels are finished with a polycarbonate diffuser to meet safety regulations. The range includes three-hour emergency back-up versions.