Integral LED have launched a breakthrough range of eight LED panels; by using simple design and no-nonsense engineering the LED panels deliver an superior and efficient light output at a highly cost effective price. 

The LED panels are perfect for retro-fitting straight into existing ceiling grids or as part of a refurbishment or new build. The panels are delivered complete with an integrated driver that includes a push-fit connector for rapid installation and maintenance.

The back-lit panels produce an even density of computer-screen friendly light in a wide beam angle, ideal for all applications including offices, schools and retail. The panels are finished with a polycarbonate diffuser to meet safety regulations. The range includes three-hour emergency back-up versions.

The Integral OMNI Lamp has been short-listed in the Light Sources category at the prestigious LIGHTING DESIGN AWARDS 2014 held in London on March 20th. The Omni Lamp is a breakthrough product that delivers all the things consumers like about conventional lamps such as shape and wide beam, but enhanced with ultra-low running costs and a long life span.

The OMNI-Lamp range delivers all the things you like about conventional lamps such as shape and wide beam, but enhanced with ultra-low running costs and a long life span.

Using the latest breakthrough LED technology, Integral LED have done away with the heavy heat sinks and restricted beam angles of current LED lamps and have produced a highly efficient A++ energy rated product with super-wide beam angles of up to 330 degrees, low heat output and a lifespan of up to fifteen times longer than an incandescent bulb - all at an affordable price.

Integral LED adds flexible LED strips to its LED lighting range.  The high-quality flexible LED strips have been designed to produce consistent colour and light output across the strip.

Energy efficient Integral LED strips make a great addition to any domestic or commercial environment. They are easy to install, inexpensive and can change the mood and look of a space instantly with light and colour, the possibilities are endless. Ideal for ceiling coves, windows and doors, stairs, bar areas, kick panels, gardens and wall washers. LED strips are fast replacing fluorescent tubes for ambient lighting applications. 


Integral LED has launched a wide range of high quality, well-priced retrofit LED lamps. The range includes the ever popular GU10 spotlight replacements, Classic Globe (GLS) and Mini-Globes, through to frosted and clear Candle lamps. Integral LED lamps are offered in a range of base fittings, dimmable and non-dimmable versions and where appropriate, in warm and cool white.

One of the first LED Auto Sensor lamps on the market is available from launch. With the option of an E27 (large screw) and B22 (large bayonet) base, the lamp automatically turn on a dusk and off at dawn and offer fantastic energy savings compared to their filament bulb equivalents.

Integral has built on its 20 years’ experience in technology and semiconductors to bring a range of well-priced, high quality LED products to the market. Starting with LED lamps, the range is set to rapidly grow with LED strips, panels, downlights and luminaires.



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