Integral LED Aluminium Profiles (also known as Extrusion) are designed to complement the range of IP33, IP65 and IP67 Flexible LED Strips. Integral LED offers a range of Aluminium Profiles, including Surface Mounted Profiles, Recessed Profiles and Corner Surfaced Mounted Profiles. Accessories include endcaps, endcaps with cable entry, and mounting support clips. Aluminium Profiles can be useful for furniture lighting, glass cabinet, counter lighting, ceiling decorating light etc. Aluminium Profiles also keep IP33 LED strips away from dust and give better heat dissipating for LED strips to extend lifetime.

Genral use profiles for surface mounting LED strip

Embed your LED strip into a wall or ceiling with these recessed profiles

Flexible profiles that allow a curved line of light

Aluminium profiles with right angle backing for fitting into corners

Specially engineered profiles that can be plastered into a wall or ceiling

Hard-wearing aluminium profile suitable for indoor installation

Recessed Aluminium Profiles with high IP ratings for outdoor installation

Recessed profile that projects strip illumination at an angle

Deep-recessed profile with a fine diffuser for narrow LED strip

Surface mounted profiles with a round diffuser for a wide beam angle

Round profiles for an attractive tube-light effect

Specially engineered profiles for illuminating stairs

Wall-mounted profile that holds two strips to shine up and down

Recessed strip designed for a 'wall wash' effect