• Superior components
  • Excellent build quality
  • Colour consistency across strip
  • Accessories available for easy installation

Integral offer a wide range of colourful RGB and RGBW LED strip/tape that can liven up any home, hospitality and retail environment. When paired with a remote controller, these strips allow you to precisely control the colour of your accent lighting, creating a vibrant and fun atmosphere wherever they are installed. Integral LED Digital Pixel Strips not only offer a world of colour, but also programmable animated patterns that create dazzling lighting effects - perfect for bars, night clubs or even for entertaining at home.

Creates colour changing and cascading light effects in your space

5 metres of RGB strip, a remote control and a pre-wired plug in one kit

Utilises red, green, blue and white LEDs to allow a rainbow of colour

Red, green and blue LEDs produce a wide range of colours across the strip

Single colour strip for red, green or blue accent lighting