• Superior components
  • Excellent build quality
  • Colour consistency across strip
  • Accessories available for easy installation

Integral LED strips are produced to a high standard to ensure consistency in colour across the strip, and are available in indoor (IP33) and outdoor (IP67) versions. IP67 strip has high-quality silicone that encapsulates the strip, providing excellent water-resistance whilst maintaining consistent light output and colour. Specialist strips such as Spotless Strip and Bendy Strip open up a wide range of possibilities for signage lighting and bespoke luminaires.

LED Strips are for decorative use (accent lighting, path or step lighting and edge lighting) or for use as ambience lighting.

High Lumen LED strips with brightness of up to 2350lm/m for consistency in colour temperature and light emission.

Super-fine 4mm strip for delicate linear lighting

Creates a continuous line of light with no shadows or hotspots

Switch from Very Warm (2400K) to Cool Daylight (6000K)

Make colours more vibrant with these CRI<90 LED strips

Strip that can be bent to very precise axis while maintaining consistent light

Emits light sideways for wall-washing and edge highlights

Combines 5m of LED strip with a Constant Voltage Driver

White LED strips in a variety of colour temperatures and IP ratings