Yes when installed with a CE marked LED lamp.

Class II refers to the protection against electric shock. The Evofire is designed for LED lamps and all LED lamps have to comply with the relevant product standards for CE marking. These standards ensure the Lamp is suitable and safe for its identified supply connection. A GU10 LED lamp will be designed to connect to a Lamp holder supplying 240V mains supply into the lamp. The design of the lamp manages the supply to an equivalent level of electric shock protection as required for Class II.

So when the Evofire is fitted with a GU10 Led lamp built in accordance with the legally required standards it is protected to a Class II level for electric shock.

The Evofire is a fire rated lamp carrier. It only becomes a Luminaire when fitted with a relevant and compliant Light source. We state Class II on the packaging as when installed and fitted with an LED lamp the resulting system as a whole provides a Class II product.

If fitted with an MR16 lamp requiring a 12V supply the product would fall within Class III electric shock protection.