Fitting an LED bulb is the same as fitting any other bulb – but you will have to do it less often!

Before you change a bulb please ensure you have a similar LED replacement with the same base fitting, shape and light output.

Find out how to select an LED lamp.

Before changing or inspecting a bulb always turn OFF the power at the mains.  Please take the necessary precautions if working at height.  Wait for the current lamp to cool if required. Carefully remove the current lamp making sure you keep safe any clips or fittings. Fit the new LED lamp and switch the power ON and think about the energy savings you are making when compared to a conventional lighting. Sometimes a new light source may take a couple of days to get used to. 

Lamps should be changed by a competent person. Please contact a qualified electrician if in doubt or to make any additions or changes to your circuit.

Dispose of old bulbs responsibly, especially CFL lamps that may contain mercury. Bulbs are not normally disposed of into the normal domestic or commercial waste stream, if in doubt check with your local authority.