The Integral Auto Sensor lamps are available in two fittings:

Large Bayonet (B22)

Large Screw (E27)

The lamp will switch ON at around dusk when the daylight intensity level drops to less than 80Lux +/- 30% it will switch OFF at dawn when the daylight intensity level reaches 300Lux +/- 30%. On overcast, stormy or dull days the light may stay on a bit longer. On average there will be around 12 hours of darkness over a year - Using a LED lamp will lead to significant savings on energy when compared to a conventional lamp. Ideal for turning your existing external light fitting into switching ON and OFF automatically - just by changing a bulb.

  • The lamp has two sensors to give 360 degree coverage – make sure that at least one sensor can “see” daylight
  • The auto sensor lamp has been designed to work in suitable external clear glass or plastic fittings - some shades may affect the operation of the lamp.
  • There is no warm up time as the lamp is instant on
  • The lamp has been designed for suitable outdoor lamp fittings such as porches
  • Once the lamp is safely installed, make sure the power is continuously applied to the lamp  
  • The lamp has been designed to see natural daylight and will not work indoors with artificial light
  • The lamp does not have a PIR sensor to sense movement
  • The lamp is non-dimmable so cannot be used with a dimmer switch
  • The sensitivity of the lamp to daylight is fixed and cannot be adjusted
  • Functionality may be affected if your fitting is on a PIR or other detection circuit
  • For the lamp to function if must be powered. The light switch must be on the ON position