When using LED bulbs with dimmers that have been produced for conventional lamps - there can be a mismatch in technology, that can cause issues like flickering; Your existing dimmer may have been designed to dim high-power circuits, whereas LED lamps are low-power products. You should change your existing dimmer for a dimmer designed to work with LED. 

  1. Are you using a non-dimmable lamp with a dimming circuit?
    Using a non-dimmable LED bulb in a dimming circuit can cause damage to the LED bulb and/ or dimming circuit. Integral packaging and lamps are marked with text or an icon as non-dimmable or dimmable.
  2. Your existing dimmer switch may be incompatible with the dimmable LED lamp you have purchased. A common reason is that the LED bulb power load is below the minimum load required by the dimmer. e.g a dimming circuit for a 60W bulb may be installed with a dimmer with a minimum load of 25W. A replacement LED bulb may only be 5-6W falling below the minimum level required by the dimmer.
  3. Incompatible transformer.  If you are using low-voltage lamps (MR16 12V Spotlight) your existing transformer may not be compatible with your LED lamp. 

We would advise you to use a qualified electrician to make any changes to your electrical circuits.