An LED strip consists of a Flexible flat substrate (strip or tape) containing electrical tracks on which LEDs are placed at regular intervals. This flat substrate typically has an adhesive backing tape for easy installation.  Once installed and a low DC voltage is applied (typically 12V or 24V) the whole length of the strip is illuminated. LED strips make a great addition to any domestic or commercial environment. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can change the look and ambiance of a space instantly.

The options are endless; the appropriate LED strip can be installed indoors or outdoors for various accent lighting in almost any area. The different levels of brightness and colour types available make LED strips very versatile.


  • Integral LED low voltage strips are rated at 12V DC or 24V DC and require a constant-voltage driver (a type of transformer to convert mains AC voltage to 12VDC or 24VDC)
  • Integral LED strips are supplied in reels of 5 metres or 10 metres. The LED strip can be cut to length but only at special cut points marked on the strip. For example in a kitchen with two runs of 2.5M, you would cut the 5M strip in half (at the cut-point), apply the strip and power each strip with an appropriate driver or power both from the same driver. The strip could also be cut into a number of variations e.g. 4 metre only, 5 X 1 metres, a 3 and 2 metre strip
  • More than one strip can be powered from a single driver (The total wattage of the strips (Length x W/m) must be below 80% of the wattage rating of the 24VDC driver and below 90% of the wattage rating of the 12VDC driver)
  • Integral LED strips can be dimmed with the appropriate driver and compatible dimmer switch