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Colour Switching Fire Rated Downlight

One downlight, three moods - the Integral Colour Switching Fire Rated Downlight let's you change between three different colour temperatures with the flick of a switch! Simply switch your lights off and then quickly on again to change between 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 5000K Daylight colour temperatures. This is ideal for kitchens and living areas where you may wish to change the ambience to suit the occasion. This downlight is Fire Rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and is IP65, making it suitable for installation in bathrooms.

WarmTone Fire Rated Downlight

The dimmer the light, the warmer the colour. Create a cozy atmosphere with the Integral LED WarmTone Fire Rated Downlight. This innovative LED downlight gets warmer in colour as it dims, mirroring familiar halogen downlights. This is ideal for creating a cozy ambience in living and dining rooms as well as restaurants and other hospitality environments. The downlight is Fire Rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and is rated IP65, making it suitable for installation in bathrooms.

Tough-Shell Circular High Bay

The Tough-Shell Circular High Bay is a rugged, attractive and highly efficient solution for lighting large indoor facilities such as warehouses, production facilities and indoor sports halls. Running at an efficacy of up to 150lm/W, the Tough Shell industrial high bay provides up to 26,000lm and thanks to its skilfully engineered aluminium body it effectively dissipates heat while maintaining IK10 impact resistance.

Multi-Fit Adjustable Downlight

The Integral LED Multi-Fit Downlight can be installed in cut-outs as small as 65mm and increasing up to a maximum size of 205mm thanks to its innovative configurable bracket and clip system. The Multi-Fit can also be surface mounted, making one of the most versatile LED downlights on the market.

Digital Pixel RGB Strip

For those rooms that demand something special, Integral LED has released the new range of Digital LED Strip. These specially engineered strips create a dazzling range of colours and motion patterns, such as cascades, light chasing and gradual fades. On display in this video are all 15 patterns.

Compact High Performance+ 150lm/W Panel

Not all LED panels are made equal. Integral LED Product Manager Alex Duggan discusses the benefits of choosing panels based on high luminous efficacy, such as the Compact High Performance+ Back-lit Panel. These 152lm/W panels provide market-leading efficiency, which can significantly lower your energy usage and potentially provide huge savings off your electricity bill. These are the ideal panels for any private or public sector office or facility that is looking to replace their T8 fluorescent panels or even earlier generation LED.

Outdoor Decorative Wall Lights

Add a designer look to the exterior of your home with the new Integral LED Outdoor range. These compact and contemporary luminaires are offered in a wide variety of styles, allowing homeowners to create and customise their ideal outdoor lighting setup with options available for up/down and elliptical wall lights, path lighting, embedded brick light and even an illuminated sign for displaying house numbers. The range is highly weatherproof (rain, dust and dirt), rated IP54 to IP65 as standard, and features die-cast aluminium and stainless steel bodies as well as tough polycarbonate casings and diffusers where applicable. A long life of 25,000 hours means the luminaires will last and the integrated LED light source ensures no bulbs to replace.

KERB Camden Case Study

Integral LED helped the fabulous food retailers at Kerb in Camden Market, London to show off their wonderful food using the Real Colour GU10 Spotlight. The Real Colour Spotlight utilises a chip-on-board LED with High CRI 95 Colour Rendering capabilities to make colours vibrant in any home or business environment.

Sunset Vintage Decorative Filament Lamps

Integral LED has introduced the Sunset LED filament lamp range to meet the on trend demand for vintage decorative style lamps. The lamps provide an ultra-warm relaxing glow (1800K CCT) with a wide beam angle, to give a classic aesthetic look and ambience in traditional or modern fittings. Using the latest LED filament technology, the glass-bodied Sunset lamps are A+ energy rated delivering 93% energy savings over incandescent lamps and a 5X longer life (15,000 hours).

Evofire Canless Fire Rated Downlight

Integral LED will challenge the way you think about fire rated downlights. The familiar fire rated downlight, a toolbox essential for electricians and lighting designers, has been re-engineered for the LED age, bringing a bevy of practical and aesthetic benefits.

LED Lighting & Insects - Study by University of Bristol

Research from the University of Bristol, with support from Integral LED highlights the potential of LED lighting in reducing the attraction of disease-carrying insects.

What are lumens? 

Because LED lamps are up to 85% more energy efficient than traditional filament bulbs, the correlation between "more watts = brighter light-bulb" no longer applies. We use lumens to measure the brightness of LED lighting products like lamps, so "more lumens = brighter LED lamp". Our educational video explains the new way of measuring brightness.

Warm White or Cool White?

With LED lamps you have a choice of warm white or cool white light, this is known as colour temperature. Our educational video explains the differences and your options.