Salix Interest-Free Loans for Public Sector Lighting Refurbishments

Salix provides 100% interest-free capital for public sector organisations across the United Kingdom to encourage organisations to take a lead in tackling climate change by increasing their energy efficiency. Their loans enable the installation of modern, energy efficient technologies by funding the replacement of dated, inefficient equipment. The refurbishment of existing ‘legacy’ lighting qualifies for funding under this scheme.

Energy efficient technology cuts carbon emissions and reduces energy bills. However, upfront capital is a common barrier for public sector organisations seeking solutions that cut their energy consumption. Salix, a not-for-profit organisation funded by Government, removes this barrier by making this capital accessible to the public sector”. Salix

The Salix Energy Efficient Loans Scheme

The applicant must forecast a reduction in overheads resulting from the capital expenditure. For example, a school borrows £10,000 to put in new lighting which will save the school £2,000 per annum from reduced electricity usage. For the first five years, these savings are used to pay back the interest-free loan. Once the loan is repaid, the continued savings enable the school to use the capital for other budgets, such as the purchase of equipment.

Salix funding includes all public sector organisations across their whole estates, including schools, higher and further educational institutions, emergency services, hospitals, leisure centres, local authorities and the NHS.

Salix operates a number of interest-free loan programmes across the UK. Here you can find out further information on each of the programmes currently being offered

Qualifying lighting projects:

  • Halogen to LED including changing the fitting
  • Halogen to LED using the same fitting
  • Flood lighting to LED including changing the fitting
  • Compact Fluorescent to LED including new fitting
  • Compact Fluorescent to LED using the same fitting
  • Incandescent to LED including new fitting
  • Incandescent to LED using the same fitting
  • T12/T8 to LED including new fitting
  • T12/T8 to LED using the same fitting