The Candle range from Integral LED are manufactured from the latest LED technology and components to ensure superior light output and to offer excellent energy savings when compared to halogen or incandescent equivalent products.

They are ideally designed for decorative lighting in the hospitality industry or living areas such as bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms and to be used with classic or modern wall mounted lighting fixtures and chandeliers.

Available in a clear or frosted bulb finish, Integral LED Candle B35 lamps retro-fit existing incandescent E14, B22, E27 and B15 lamp fittings with ease.

Dims just like halogen. The light gets warmer as it dims lower.

Full glass frosted lamps that mirror the look of traditional bulbs

Filament LED technology and full-glass bodies for a classic look

High-lumen candles, great for chandelier fittings in large rooms

A great balance of quality and price for everyday applications