Integral LED recently featured in A1 Lighting Magazine's Round Table with Lighting Experts feature.

Our popular Tough Shell range of Bulkhead ceiling and wall lights has expanded to include the new and improved Tough Shell+ models. These attractive and efficient luminaires are extremely rugged, with an IK10 polycarbonate body 

Today we are delighted that Lux Review have awarded us with a favourable 4 Star review!

If there’s one thing that doesn’t change at Integral, it’s the fast pace of change!

To keep customers up to date with our constant stream of new and updated LED products, we have published a new brochure, detailing our entire range of products and packed full of informative case studies and articles.

Here at Integral LED we have been delighted to see the response to our new Evofire Fire Rated Downlight. The ‘canless’ open design has been welcomed with open arms by wholesalers and consumers alike, who love both the aesthetics and the practicality of this UK designed product.

There is one question that we have received quite a few times, however;

What is the best lamp to use with Evofire?

Everybody knows that Fire Rated lighting is important - but it's safe to say that far fewer people know why. Many myths and misunderstandings surround Fire Rating specifications and the products that adhere to them.

Andrew Gooding, our resident Tech Guru and Compliance Manager, recently sat with A1 Lighting Magazine to discuss the challenges and benefits of re-thinking familiar designs for an LED age.

Integral LED will challenge the way you think about fire rated downlights
The familiar fire rated downlight, a toolbox essential for electricians and lighting designers, has been re-engineered for the LED age, bringing a bevy of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Sunset, Integral LED’s popular range of Vintage Decorative filament lamps, has expanded to include dimmable models that can be dialled down to a gentle warm glow, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in any hospitality business or in your home.

The filament LED technology paired with amber glass gives these lamps a classic vintage look reminiscent of very early tungsten bulbs. This aesthetic has proven very popular in many businesses – particularly restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Every light in your house should work with you to create a pleasing environment while cutting your energy costs. To this end Integral LED continue to release LED products that can retrofit common fittings that many of you will have in your house. Our latest addition to the family is a pair of GX53 lamps that will be ideal for lighting your kitchen units and display cabinets.