The DALI control system is a popular choice for building-wide lighting control, based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface international standard. DALI offers a great deal of lighting automation and monitoring functionality.

Three recent additions to Integral LED’s growing range of panel luminaires are compatible with the DALI control system. This allows them to be dimmed, controlled and monitored through a DALI control scheme, making them ideal for large scale lighting automation setups.

The compact, tapered design of Integral LED’s new G4 and G9 lamps allow them to fit easily into any existing G4 and G9 fittings, where earlier, bulkier LED lamps might have fit awkwardly or looked unsightly.

Ranging from 1.1-2W, the new Integral LED G4 and G9 lamps are far more efficient than the halogen lamps they are designed to replace.  With Warm and Cool White colour temperatures available, Integral LED have the right G4 or G9 lamp for your needs.

New research, part-funded by Integral LED and conducted by scientists from the University of Bristol has revealed that domestic LED lights are much less attractive to nuisance insects such as biting midges than traditional filament lamps.

The team now highlights the urgent need for further research on other heat-seeking flies that transmit disease, including mosquitoes that are carriers of pathogens that cause damaging diseases such as malaria and Zika fever.

The Lux Awards are renowned throughout the lighting industry for rewarding innovation and excellence. This year Integral LED are delighted that our Real Colour GU10 has been shortlisted for the Enabling Technology of the Year Award.

The winners will be announced at the Lux Awards ceremony on the evening of the final day of Lux Live, Thursday 24th November.

The Integral LED Real Colour is a price breakthrough in high CRI lighting that brings out vibrant colours, ideal for fashion retails, grocers and many more applications where beautiful colour is essential.

As part of our ongoing campaign to provide a LED replacement for every type of halogen lamp, Integral LED are delighted to introduce our new range of R7S lamps.

Integral LED R7S lamps provide up to 1250lm of cool white light for less than 10W. They are ideal for commercial and residential use in floodlights and in compatible interior wall fittings. As they are designed to retrofit easily into existing R7S fittings, you can effortlessly switch to the energy-saving benefits of LED at home and at work.

In our effort to produce the right LED solution to match all budgets, Integral LED are proud to introduce our new range of Low-Profile Fire Rated Downlights. These low-profile lamps are fire rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes with Warm White and Cool White colour temperature options and dimmable or non-dimmable options available. Importantly, these lamps are designed to offer the safety and quality of other Fire Rated Downlights but with a lower price-tag.

With the darker winter months approaching, we have good news for shoppers who are looking for energy efficient lighting solutions. Leading high street retailer Robert Dyas are now stocking several Integral LED products as part of their extensive electrical homewares selection.

With each technological step forward, the aesthetic line between LED and traditional tungsten light bulbs is fading. By using advanced filament LED technology, Integral LED have produced a range of lamps with full glass bodies that allow a super-wide beam angle and look almost indistinguishable from familiar bulbs, even in exposed fittings.

While LED lighting has been lauded for its energy-saving potential, one aspect in which LED is now catching up fast with other technologies is colour rendering. For certain applications the accuracy of colour is vital. Fashion retailers are careful to achieve a ‘true’ colour rendering for their merchandising under shop lights, while grocery stores are determined to add vibrancy and freshness to their produce on display, whilst home-owners like to enjoy the real colour of furnishings, decorations and furniture.

Back in September Integral LED were delighted to work with leading electrical trade magazine, Professional Electrician, to produce a valuable supplement on the topic of Warehouse Lighting.

Lighting is essential to the efficiency and safety of a warehouse environment and LED is fast becoming a popular option for cutting costs while effectively illuminating entire facilities.