With the darker winter months approaching, we have good news for shoppers who are looking for energy efficient lighting solutions. Leading high street retailer Robert Dyas are now stocking several Integral LED products as part of their extensive electrical homewares selection.

With each technological step forward, the aesthetic line between LED and traditional tungsten light bulbs is fading. By using advanced filament LED technology, Integral LED have produced a range of lamps with full glass bodies that allow a super-wide beam angle and look almost indistinguishable from familiar bulbs, even in exposed fittings.

While LED lighting has been lauded for its energy-saving potential, one aspect in which LED is now catching up fast with other technologies is colour rendering. For certain applications the accuracy of colour is vital. Fashion retailers are careful to achieve a ‘true’ colour rendering for their merchandising under shop lights, while grocery stores are determined to add vibrancy and freshness to their produce on display, whilst home-owners like to enjoy the real colour of furnishings, decorations and furniture.

Back in September Integral LED were delighted to work with leading electrical trade magazine, Professional Electrician, to produce a valuable supplement on the topic of Warehouse Lighting.

Lighting is essential to the efficiency and safety of a warehouse environment and LED is fast becoming a popular option for cutting costs while effectively illuminating entire facilities.

Integral LED haved introduced a new range of circular bulkheads engineered to provide attractive and practical ceiling and wall lighting that won’t break your budget. At 10-21W, they should be kind to your electricity bill as well!

These IP44 luminaires can be installed in any interior areas including staircases, bathrooms (zone 2) as well as sheltered external areas such as porches. The PMMA diffuser creates a soft light with a subtle halo effect. The range includes Cool White and Warm White options for colour temperature.

Integral LED is delighted to announce that leading homewares retailer Lakeland are now selling our Sunset range of Vintage Decorative Lamps both in-store and online.

As a store that is well regarded throughout the UK for both style and quality, we know that Lakeland and our Sunset lamps are a perfect fit.

To browse the entire Sunset range on the Lakeland website click here.

Al-Murad, the largest independent ceramic tile and natural stone importer in Britain, has recently made the switch to Integral LED in their Leeds-based distribution centre. As the centre holds 8,000 pallets across 1,000 stock lines - with 150 pallets shipping out every day - an efficient and effective lighting setup was vital. Stock visibility and Health and Safety are very important in a high-turnover environment such as this, and the lighting needs to support that.

One of the UK’s fastest growing business incubators has recently made the switch to Integral LED in an effort to save on maintenance and energy costs.

The site, which houses more than 80 businesses within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, generated a monthly electricity bill of more than £50,000. After switching to Integral LED panels, electricity consumption in a typical on-site lab dropped from 5040W to 858W. Weekly consumption on site has been reduced by 20,000KWh, saving £86,600 per year.

With the release of the Sunset range of Vintage Decorative LED filament lamps, Integral have mixed vintage style with modern tech to create a product line that is both great looking and environmentally friendly. While these lamps may look like a step back in time, there is nothing old-fashioned about their A+ rated energy credentials.

Non-linear shapes, such as furniture and signage letters, can be very difficult to light effectively with conventional strips. The ingenious design of the Bendy Strip allows it to be bent to very precise axis while maintaining consistent light and colour across the entire strip.

The Integral LED Bendy Strip is dimmable with a suitable driver and controller - ideal for commercial or residential applications, allowing you to customise the perfect accent lighting for any project.