The new ‘4KG’ range of Circular High-Bay luminaires from Integral LED mark a breakthrough in warehouse and industrial lighting.

No prizes for guessing what the name refers to…

The innovative heatsink - constructed entirely from wafer aluminium – makes the luminaire weigh less than its competition, while providing high light output at a low operating temperature.

Wollaton Hall in Nottingham is an example of historic buildings that has had to await recent developments in the consumer lighting market. The advent of LED filament technology has enabled major savings in energy overheads by providing lamps and luminaires that match the aesthetic appearance of period lighting fixtures.

Lux Review (January 2016) has recently carried out a wide review of Fire Rated Downlights in the marketplace and the Integral LED Fire Rated range has been highly rated, achieving a joint-best score of 4 Stars, "Recommended". 

Integral LED has announced a new retail partnership with Toolstation, Britain’s rapidly growing supplier of tools, accessories and building supplies.

Together, the manufacturer and retailer aim to promote new lighting technology and enable an easy transition for customers switching to LED lamps, spotlights and downlights throughout the UK. 

British technology manufacturer Integral Memory plc has celebrated the issue of their millionth invoice.

It is another milestone for the company best known for its semiconductor-based products, which marked its 25th year with a successful diversification into the growing market for LED Lighting and the official launch of a light testing laboratory.

Integral LED gives their new GU10 range a halogen look

Integral LED has once again targeted the retro-fit lamp market by focusing on aesthetic detail. The UK LED manufacturer has championed products that look identical to the original halogen or incandescent bulb that they are designed to replace. Over the last couple of years, classic GLS equivalents have been a highlight of their expanding range. Now Integral’s new LED GU10s have taken a retro-step back to glass.

Calculate how much money you can save.

Integral LED has updated the LED savings calculator. Find out in seconds how much you can save by switching to LED. Select a Lamp, Panel or Downlight and input the quantity used and hours of use per day and get an instant answer.

Integral LED 16W B22/E27 Classic Globe (GLS) awarded Which? BEST BUY (Light Bulbs 2015).

A true 100W equivalent LED lamp with market-leading lumen output, but using only a fraction of the electricity. The ideal solution for any room with a single light fitting.

After a long period of arduous testing, the labs at Which? have chosen the Integral LED Classic Globe 8.2W lamp as the top BEST BUY light bulb, ahead of some the biggest names in the industry.

An Integral LED panel from our High Performance+ range has been awarded 5 Stars in an independent test by LUX magazine, the leading lighting industry publication. At a tested 128 lumens per Watt the Integral panel was rated on average a third more efficient than other LED panels in the test,