LED Size

The LED strips can be manufactured and built with different sizes of LED chips. The code simply indicates the actual size of the LEDs on the strip. Integral LED strips are available with several sizes of LED. Below we explain a few common sizes of LED chips on the market.

  • 3528 3.5mm X 2.8mm LED - Subtle light - Ideal for most domestic situations for accent or ambient lighting where observers are close e.g. ceiling coves, under-cabinets, on stairs and around windows
  • 5050 5.0mm X 5.0mm LED - Bright light - 40% larger than 3528 LEDs with a higher light output. 5050 LED chips are also a common size for RGB or RGBW colour changing LED chips. Ideal for commercial or domestic use where the observer may be further away – e.g. high ceilings, used as a wall washer, outdoor lighting, ambient lighting for larger areas
  • 2835 2.8mm X 3.5mm LED - Super bright light - 2835 LED chip is a new choice for LED strips, giving higher lumen output than 3528 LED chips and with better heat dissipation. 2835 LED chips are used for LED strips with higher lumen (more than 1000lm per metre). Ideal for commercial uses such as retail display lighting in larger areas.

Number of LEDs per metre

The number of LEDs per metre affects the brightness (lumens) and light pattern of a strip. Integral LED strips are available in various number of LEDs per metre. Below we explain the 3 most common variations:

  • 30 LEDs/m - Kitchen kick plates, Low ceiling cove
  • 60 LEDs/m - Under kitchen cabinets, bar tops, steps/staircase edging, doorway frames
  • 120 LEDs/m - High ceiling coves, exterior edge lighting, path ways, signage
  • 300 LEDs/m - Used to create a seamless light effect, such as in our Spotless LED Strip

LED cut marks are normally 3 LEDs apart although not always. Please refer to the specification of the LED strip you choose. The distance between cut marks will depend on the number of LEDs per metre. (See image)