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The Casambi lighting control system enables full and flexible control of any connected lighting from an easy-to-use mobile app. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy and using a mesh system, Casambi allows each module in the system to work intuitively with all others - connect to one and you can manage them all.


Casambi ready modules can be easily connected to all Integral LED lamps and luminaires including strips, downlights and panels enabling wireless lighting control via the free to download Casambi app.


Our range of Casambi controllers, drivers, and accessory modules grant you control to program and dynamically change the lighting whatever the setting. From small residential to large scale commercial and industrial, the Casambi ecosystem allows lighting control which meets user needs, as well as energy saving and Carbon Emission requirements.



Professional Lighting Control



Wire in a Casambi ready controller or driver when installing or upgrading your Integral LED products to take advantage of Casambi’s wide range of features. For DALI products, we offer a compatible signal converter to provide extended functionality.


Download the free Casambi app from the Apple App store or Google Play store and pair your lighting products following the guided procedure. Once connected, you can add lights into groups and networks for customised control options.


The Casambi app allows all features of lighting to be controlled including dimming, light colour, colour temperature, schedules and more. With an adaptable and convenient interface, the app will only show you features which are available through your connected lamps and luminaires.







XB50 CASAMBI 5-in-1 CV Controller


XB50 CASAMBI 5-in-1 CV Controller

Suitable for all Integral LED Strip Lights this controller provides the ability to fully adjust your accent lighting effects, including RGB, CCT & dimming.




RM05-M RF Handheld Remote

Easy in room control. Fixed to the provided wall bracket with magnets, this handheld remote allows complete light control without access to the app. Ideal for rooms where multiple people may need to adjust the lighting.

RM05-M RF Handheld Remote




HDC30CB and HDC30CB Programmable LED Drivers


HDC30CB and HDC50CB Programmable CC LED Drivers

Easily match the power input required by your products and circuit with this Casambi ready range of Constant Current drivers in ≤ 30W and ≤ 50W versions. Suitable for most fixed colour or CCT-changing LED luminaires including downlights and panels.




HCB10 Casambi-to-DALI Adaptor with built-in DALI Power Supply

Designed to control standard DALI interface drivers, this adapter converts Casambi signal to work with your existing DALI lights and connect them without the need to replace. Simply wire the signal converter output bus into the DALI bus terminals for instant compatibility and smart link with the Casambi app.

HCB10 Casambi-to-DALI Adaptor with DALI Power Supply


Casambi-to-PLC Primary and Secondary LED Drivers


Casambi-to-PLC Primary and Secondary LED Drivers

For areas inaccessible by Bluetooth signal, use our combination of Primary and Secondary application drivers to allow full connectivity.

The Primary driver provides Casambi to powerline communication connecting multiple Secondary drivers into a local hard-wired network. One Secondary driver is required for each luminaire.



Primary Driver


Secondary Driver



Casambi App feature light colour icon

Light Colour

Cruise the colour spectrum. Choose colours based on the functionality of the selected luminaire, saving favourites in a colour palette.

Casambi App feature sunrise sunset icon

Sunrise & Sunset

Tune into nature. By setting a lighting network’s time zone and location, units can calculate local sunrise/sunset times and adjust luminance levels or recall programmed lighting scenes.

Casambi App feature calendar timer icon

Calendar & Timer

Master time management. With the calendar and timer functionality, scenes and animations can be programmed to turn on and off based on your schedule.

Casambi App feature colour temperature icon

Colour temperature

Tweak the colour temperature. Use the slider to pinpoint a specific colur temperature within the selected luminaires range.

Casambi App feature grouping icon


Choreograph your lighting. Group luminaires in the Casambi App to allow synchronised control.

Casambi App feature scenes icon


Set the scene. Create multiple lighting scenes to fit the changing needs within a space. Activate with the touch of a button and include luminaires in multiple scenes.

Casambi App feature animations icon


Create movement with light. Animations are dynamic scenes in which it is possible for the lighting to fade from one scene into another. Set the tempo, duration and cycles in the app.

Casambi App feature gallery icon


Personalise your UI. Upload a floor plan or photos of a space and mark the positions of the luminaires within the images. Then visually identify and intuitively interact with them.

Casambi App feature daylight sensor icon

Daylight Sensor

Introduce daylight harvesting. Sensors measure and report daylight levels back to the network. Automated lighting scenes can be programmed to achieve maximum lighting quality and reduced energy consumption.

Casambi App feature occupancy icon

Occupancy Sensor

Read the room. Casambi supports movement sensors, enabling only the right light, in the right place, at the right time.

Casambi App feature control hierarchy icon

Control Hierarchy

Enjoy conflict-free control. Control hierarchy facilitates cooperation between manual and automated lighting controls. Set overrides and modify the solution to fit your needs.

Casambi App feature gateway icon


Gain control remotely. Control your lights from anywhere, connecting to your Casambi lighting network via the internet when you're not in Bluetooth range.

Casambi App feature scalability icon


Upscale your plans. From a single-room to site-level functionality, it is easy and cost effective to expand. Group and control multiple networks simultaneously.

Casambi App feature synchronisation icon


One fine mesh. Casambi devices form a mesh network, which is self-organizing and in constant synchronisation. Every single device contains the same full intelligence of the network and ensures no single point of failure.

Casambi App feature elements icon


Create bespoke products. Custom Elements is functionality that allows Casambi partners to make unique, company-specific features and products within the Casambi Ecosystem – for example, motorized luminaires or blind controls.

Casambi App feature parameters icon


Be in the know. Manufacturers can provide fixture parameters including, product data, versions, current consumption, driver version, dimming curve or temperature limits. When provided this info can be viewed in the app if desired.


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