Sometimes you don’t want the light in a room to stay the same. Maybe you would like a cosier atmosphere for a romantic dinner, or a cooler colour temperature to help you work. With the latest Fire Rated Downlights from Integral, you can match the light to your mood.

The WarmTone Fire Rated Downlight uses specialist LED dimming technology to match the dimming performance of halogen and incandescent lights, which naturally get warmer in colour temperature as they dim. At its brightest, the WarmTone emits Warm White (3000K) light, moving to a softer Ultra Warm (2200K) light when dimmed to its lowest setting. This creates a relaxing, cosy ambience which is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms at home and in commercial applications such as restaurants and bars.

The Colour Switching Fire Rated Downlight can easily change between Warm White (3000K), Cool White (4000K) and Daylight (5000K) colour temperatures at the flick of a switch. With the light already on, by simply double-tapping your switch or dimmer switch off and on again, you can easily switch between the three available colour temperatures. This is great for changing the colour of the room to suit your mood at different times of the day. For example; set to Daylight mode for practical tasks like cleaning, 'Cool' for working from home and food prep, 'Warm' for a relaxing family dinner.

Both models of downlight are Fire Rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and certified to a water/steam resistance of IP65, so are suitable for bathrooms. Have a look at these adaptable new downlights here.