For those of us who just love colour, the new Touch Remote Controllers for RGBW LED Strip provide simple and intuitive control over four separate "zones". This allows you to install up to four strips and control them all individually with one controller. Perhaps you would like white light under your kitchen cabinets while a pleasing purple wash shines out from under the skirting board. Maybe pale blue light around the TV in your bedroom complimented by deeper blue in the ceiling coving. The possibilities are practically endless.

The handy colour wheel provides super-simple colour selection while a 'Set and Save' feature allows you to save multiple lighting settings for each area so, you can set and select your favourite ambience quickly and easily.

The RGBW Touch Remote is available in in black or white wall-mounted options as well as a traditional hand-held remote. Find out more by clicking here.

For helpful information on how to choose your ideal LED strip lighting set up, take a look at our 'Which Strip?' article here.