With the release of the Sunset range of Vintage Decorative LED filament lamps, Integral have mixed vintage style with modern tech to create a product line that is both great looking and environmentally friendly. While these lamps may look like a step back in time, there is nothing old-fashioned about their A+ rated energy credentials.

With the recent trend for vintage style, many fashionable bars and restaurants have opted for lighting that bears a striking resemblance to the filament bulbs of the early 20th century. Unfortunately, many of these retro-styled bulbs offer low levels of light at a high energy output. This problem is exacerbated as the bulbs are intended to be hung in groups to create an effective ambience, adding exponentially to energy costs. Integral’s Sunset LED filament bulbs address this problem by running on only 2.5W and have an average lifespan of 15,000 hoursup to 5X longer than many decorative filament bulbs on the market.

“At Integral LED we are constantly fighting the idea that LED lamps are about technology, over looks, by creating aesthetically pleasing lamps that can be retrofit into existing fittings. With the Sunset range, we have achieved a true marriage of beauty and tech. There are trendy restaurants and coffee shops everywhere that have already converted to this wonderful vintage style, and now we can help them to make significant savings on their energy costs over the power-hungry bulbs they are currently using.”Francesco Rivieccio, Senior Product Manager 

The Sunset range is available in three large globe sizes (80mm, 95mm, 125mm) as well as ST64 “Squirrel Cage” shape. Each lamp features amber tinted glass and eye-catching LED filament technology to produce an ultra warm colour temperature (1800K) at an ambient 170 Lumens output. The traditional E27 and B22 bases mean the lamps can be used in existing fittings to instantly bring some classic vintage style to any room. The Integral Sunset Vintage Decorative LED filament lamps are ideal for bars, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, clubs and many other types of venue, where the retro design and ambient light can create a warm and pleasing atmosphere for guests and customers. These lamps will also look great in the home, adding fantastic style and ambience to a living room or dining room.

The Sunset range is available now through electrical wholesalers and distributors including International LEDs, AOM Lighting, National Lamps and ComponentsThe Electrical Counter and Lamps2udirect.com.