The Singapore Garden Festival is a global celebration of stunning garden design where designers from around the world congregate to show their stunning outdoor spaces. 

This year, Integral LED were delighted to contribute towards UK Designer Kate Gould's ambitious entry in the Landscape and Fantasy Garden category. Kate has won multiple awards for her designs and has appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show eight times. 

Landscapeplus Limited, one of Kate's Suppliers, knew Integral LED IP67 RGB strip was the perfect choice for fulfilling Kate's vision of a colour changing light source that was hidden under floating platforms but situated above the water, so the colourful light reflected off the surface of the water and added a pleasing glow to the entire garden. As you can see from these images, the end result was truly a sight to behold.

Kate's wonderful creation went on to win the Gold Award and Best Outdoor Lighting, a fantastic and well-deserved achievement!

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