Ideal for restaurants and bars, the Integral LED Sunset Vintage ST64 Squirrel Cage creates a relaxing and retro ambience with its ultra-warm light (1800K), tinted amber glass and eye-catching vintage design.

Built using the latest LED filament technology, the 2.5W Sunset Vintage lamp delivers an A+ energy rating and 93% energy savings compared to the incandescent lamp it replaces.

Alan Tulla, a well-regarded Lighting Designer and Lux Review’s Technical Editor, stated “This is different in several ways from the usual 125mm globe. It has tinted glass and with the warm LED filaments has a CCT of just 1800K. It looks really warm and comfortable...The light output is 170 lm and consumes just 2.5W so it is not so intense or glaring as some higher power ones on the market."

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