From the 1st of September, halogen light bulbs will be banned across Europe, with only remaining stocks allowed to be sold. It is estimated that a wholesale move from halogen to LED will prevent more than 15 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year, according to an article published on The Guardian website.

Many people are still concerned that LED lamps are more costly and less attractive than their halogen equivalents. This is of course untrue, as our new Classic GLS lamps can testify.

The classic range features a frosted full glass body that mirrors the look of traditional pearl light bulbs that have been used in homes across Europe for decades. These lamps look discreet and attractive in any existing B22 or E27 fitting.

An 806lm Classic GLS lamp runs at a highly efficient 7.2W, compared to 42W for its halogen equivalent. Just one of these lamps will save £5.33* off your yearly energy bill, so the lamp will pay for itself approximately within one year.

LED also carries the benefit of a much longer lifetime than halogen lamps. Most halogen lamps have an average lifetime of two years, whereas Integral LED GLS lamps have an average lifetime of 15,000 hours, which should last 13 years, based on 3 hours use per day.

Phasing out halogen across Europe will lead to a major reduction in carbon emissions and big energy savings for millions of people.

To join the LED revolution, see the full specs of our new full glass Classic lamps here.


*Based on 1 lamp running 3 hours per day, 365 days per year at 14p per kWh