G9 fittings are often used in beautiful decorative fittings that act as a centrepiece to a living or dining room, where creating the right ambience is crucial. Until recently, customers looking for dimmable G9 capsule lamps had to opt for halogen, which was not only inefficient, but carried other safety and reliability concerns. This is why Integral LED have released their new Dimmable 3W G9 lamps.

Unlike halogen G9 lamps, which are notorious for getting dangerously hot, these LED lamps do not generate high levels of heat, keeping your fingers and your fixtures safer. Their long lifetime of 15,000 hours means they last more than 7 times longer than halogen, saving customers time and money by not having to regularly replace the lamps.

The dimming performance is smooth when paired with an LED dimmer (we recommend Varilight JQP401W) and the lamp emits an even, uniform light. Two colour temperatures are available so you can opt for a warm white capsule, perfect for dining rooms and bedrooms, or cool white, ideal for kitchens.  

For more efficient, safer, longer life G9 Capsule lamps, see our full range here.