When lighting outdoor sports centres, car parks in retail estates, or providing a wash of light to large exterior features in heritage or hospitality venues, you need a luminaire that is super-tough, highly-efficient and precise enough to minimise light-spill. The Precision Pro Floodlight meets all of these challenges head-on.

As part of our growing range of industrial luminaires, the Precision Pro Floodlight is rugged and weatherproof, with an aluminium and polycarbonate body and marine grade fixings to prevent corrosion in coastal environments. IP65 and IK10 ratings provide outstanding protection from dust and water as well as very high impact-resistance. This makes the Precision Pro the ideal choice for outdoor sports centres, where any luminaire must resist the weather as well as be able to withstand knocks and bumps from flying basketballs or other equipment.

The Precision Pro features 2-16 banks of LEDs, providing lumen output ranging from 13,000lm-153,000lm. Each bank of LEDs is covered with a skilfully engineered lens that individually focuses each LED.  This allows the light to be focused to very precise beam angles, with certain models able projecting asymmetrical beam angles to illuminate specific areas. This makes it much easier to light up a tennis court, for example, without letting too much light spill into the crowd area.

View the whole Precision Pro range and choose the model suited to your specific installation here.