Al-Murad, the largest independent ceramic tile and natural stone importer in Britain, has recently made the switch to Integral LED in their Leeds-based distribution centre. As the centre holds 8,000 pallets across 1,000 stock lines - with 150 pallets shipping out every day - an efficient and effective lighting setup was vital. Stock visibility and Health and Safety are very important in a high-turnover environment such as this, and the lighting needs to support that.

Al-Murad chose Integral LED Linear Low Bay luminaires to replace their existing HID lamps as they deliver 19,500lm at an efficient 130lm per Watt. Thanks to their 50,000 hour lifespan, they last five times longer than HID lamps.

The 5,000K ‘Daylight’ colour temperature creates a bright and pleasant working atmosphere. “Immediately after the new LED lights were fitted both staff and management noticed a brighter environment which was likened to a summer’s day,” commented Peter Wilkinson, Al-Murad’s Operations Manager.

Find out more about Integral’s Linear Low Bay luminaires here.