Integral 1200x600 LED Panels are designed and built using leading LED technology and the best components to offer a range of solutions for recessed installation in a wide range of commercial applications where a suspended grid ceiling is installed.

With outputs of up to 7800 lumens and efficacy of 87lm/w our LED panels offer excellent savings over traditional fluorescent light fittings.

The high quality LEDs used in our panels provides a lifetime of up to 50,000hrs. As a result maintenance costs are greatly reduced as there is no requirement to continually replace blown lamps.

With our integrated driver and simple push and lock systems the time and cost of installation can be greatly reduced. This is of great benefit when retro fitting large office and commercial properties.


Highly efficient back-lit panels for lower running costs

Highly efficient compared to other edge-lit panels

Highly efficient edge-lit panels for lower running costs

Highly efficient back-lit panels with great light quality