Integral LED will challenge the way you think about fire rated downlights

The familiar fire rated downlight, a toolbox essential for electricians and lighting designers, has been re-engineered for the LED age, bringing a bevy of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Developed in-house at Integral’s UK-based headquarters, the Evofire is an evolution of the Fire Rated downlight that forgoes the familiar ‘can’ design for an open design that is slimmer, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. Importantly, the Evofire allows heat to disperse at a far greater rate than allowed by can-based designs - this can extend the lifetime of your lamps.

The Evofire is able to improve on the usual can by placing the fire resistance of the product in front of the lamp – and therefore below the ceiling – rather than behind the lamp (above the ceiling). Despite its extremely low-profile compared to traditional designs, the Evofire is fire rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and is IP65 rated.

Its tough steel construction is incredibly sturdy while its 1mm ‘blend-in’ bezel is very attractive and far less intrusive than traditional bezels, so the Evofire will look great in any ceiling.

You can find out more by viewing the new Evofire range here.