1mm Blend-in Bezel


30/60/90 Minutes Fire-Rated


Easier to Install and Remove Compared to a Can Design

Why Choose Evofire?

  • 1mm “blend-in” bezel and a premium finish
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Fast wiring via a push-fit, loop-in/out connector
  • Low profile for tight spaces
  • IP65 Rated makes it also ideal for use in bathrooms
  • High quality at a great price
  • Fire-rated with its durable glass and steel construction

Inspirational Ideas for How to Use Evofire Fire-Rated Downlights

Luxury downlight with low glare and vibrant real colours

For a great ambience

For a bright light with a dimmable option

Ideal for a spread of light with fewer downlights

Insulation rolls are easily laid

Low profile, easy-fit solution – also ideal for shallow ceilings

Ideal for replacing old downlights with a range of cut outs

For an attractive and discreet look (small 45mm cut-out and bright 390 lumens)

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