LED strips (also known as LED tape) are a fantastic way to add attractive accent lighting to almost any space. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can change the look and ambience of a space instantly.

LED Strip is equally popular in residential, retail and hospitality environments for its adaptability and striking aesthetic possibilities, providing attractive effects such as wall-washing, edge-lighting, under-cabinet lighting and much more.

LED Strip can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the IP rating of the strip and any accessories. For more information about what IP Ratings mean for LED strip, have a look at our FAQ here.

Integral offer a wide range of LED strips to suit any application.

Read our extensive brochure that covers : LED STRIPS, DRIVERS, PROFILES and ACCESSORIES  to help you make the ideal choice.

White strip:

White LED strips project while light in a range of colour temperatures.

Some specialised options for White LED Strip from Integral include:

  • Bendy strip: Ingeniously engineered that can be bent to a wide variety of angles for easy installation to non-linear shapes, such as furniture or signage lettering
  • Warm-to-Cool Strip: Colour Temperature adjustable strip that can be switched between multiple CCTs from 2400K (Very Warm) to 6000K (Cool Daylight)
  • Side-Emitting Strip: Features specially shaped diodes that shine sideways instead of upwards, ideal for signage lettering and edge highlighting
  • Spotless-Strip: A strip that creates the effect of a continuous stream of light by utilising very small (20:16) LEDs arranged in close formation, particularly when installed in an aluminium profile
  • High CRI Strip: LED Strip with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95, ensuring colours in a space appear full and vibrant

Colour Strip:

Colourful RGB and RGBW LED strips that can liven up any home, hospitality and retail environment. When paired with a remote controller, these strips allow you to precisely control the colour of your accent lighting.

Colour strip options from Integral include:

  • Digital Pixel RGB strip: A truly vibrant strip that features 1 digital IC chip per 3 LEDs to create a colour changing and cascading light effects such as flashes, chases and gradual fades
  • RGB Plug & Play LED Strip Kits: Everything you need to create colourful accent lighting in one handy retail package – containing 5m of strip, a driver and a remote control
  • RGB Strip:Utilises red, green and blue LEDs to change between a wide spectrum of colour using an RGB Remote Controller
  • RGBW Strip: Features the same coloured LEDs as RGB Strip but with the addition of White LEDs for greater variety of colour and brightness
  • Red, Green or Blue Strip: Utilises only one colour of LED per strip to produce solid accent lighting


Integral LED Strip Accessories are designed to complement our wide range of LED Strips. Accessories include end caps, connectors, mounting support clips and silicone sealant.

Remote Controllers:

Integral LED Remote Controllers offer precise and user-friendly control over Integral LED strip lighting, allowing you to change the colour and brightness of your room with the touch of a finger.

Aluminium Profiles:

Aluminium Profiles (also known as Extrusions) are designed to hold your LED strip, providing diffusion and protection. Integral LED offers a range of Aluminium Profiles, including Surface Mounted Profiles, Recessed Profiles and Corner Surfaced Mounted Profiles.


Get inspired by the entire Integral LED Strip & Profile range

Read our extensive brochure that covers : LED STRIPS, DRIVERS, PROFILES and ACCESSORIES  to help you make the ideal choice.

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